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Peppers Huddersfield: Below it is possible to look at a map of Peppers Huddersfield featuring locations in the town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England. Huddersfield can be found between Leeds and Manchester on the A62. Huddersfield can be easily reached by way of the M62 motorway, it is approximately 3 miles from the M62 (junction 24) to the middle of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Click the zoom out (-) and zoom in (+) features on this map, if you need to get more detail.

Peppers Huddersfield Map: Here you can check out a map of Peppers Huddersfield showing locations in the town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Huddersfield is located on the A62 between Leeds and Manchester. Huddersfield can be easily reached from the M62 motorway, it is just over three miles from the M62 (junction 24) to the town centre of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

About Huddersfield: A historic and huge market town situated in the county of West Yorkshire, England, UK, Huddersfield is actually the United Kingdom's eleventh largest town, boasting a population in excess of 168,000. The town is positioned roughly halfway between the cities of Manchester and Leeds being about 28 miles to the north-east of Manchester and 20 miles to the south-west of Leeds and is 191 miles from London.

Huddersfield is within the metropolitan borough of Kirklees and is the largest settlement in that borough. It sits in the valleys of 2 rivers, the River Holme and the River Colne and these 2 rivers meet to the south of the town near to the University.

Huddersfield is a mainly industrial town, famous over the years for the manufacture and production of electric motors, chemicals, sheet metal, wool and textiles. Huddersfield was the scene of much violence and unrest at the time of the Industrial Revolution when the Luddites, scared of losing their livelihood as a result of greater mechanisation, destroyed machines and mills and even attacked textile mill owners. In spite of the predominance or manufacturing and industry the largest employer in Huddersfield nowadays is the University.

The Huddersfield area has been the site of settlements for upwards of four thousand years, beginning with Neolithic man and advancing through Brigantes, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Normans to the present day. Huddersfield has been the site of two ancient forts, an early Iron Age hillfort at Castle Hill and a Roman fort at Slack Lane (Outlane). Huddersfied was recorded in the Domesday Book (compiled in 1086) where it was identified as Odresfeld and Oderesfelt.

The Huddersfield of Huddersfield has a proud sporting tradition and is the home and birthplace of Rugby League, which took place at Huddersfield's George Hotel on August 29th 1895, when twenty two clubs split from the RFU in a disagreement over the payment of players. In the same year the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League team was established. Their soccer club Huddersfield Town AFC was founded later in 1908 and at present holds a place in the Premier League (2017), Huddersfield Town were victorious in the FA Cup in 1922 (1-0 against Preston North End) and were the first English club to win three successive league titles in the 1920's.

The town has been the birthplace of numerous notable Huddersfield including the likes of James Mason, Harold Wilson (PM), athlete Derek Ibbotson and cricketer and footballer Chris Balderstone.

The Huddersfield for Huddersfield is HD1-6 HD7-9 and the telephone dialling code for Huddersfield is 01484 and the Ordnance Survey grid ref is: SE145165.

Among the villages and towns surrounding Huddersfield are: Lindley, Outlane, Armitage Bridge, Berry Brow, Primrose Hill, Highburton, Milnsbridge, Hillhouse, Elland, Lockwood, Longwood, Fenay Bridge, Blackmoorfoot, Mirfield, Kirkburton, Holywell Green, Deighton, Oakes Marsh, Almondbury, Brackenhall, Dewsbury, Tandem, Slaithwaite, Fartown, Moldgreen, Paddock, Kirkheaton, Waterloo, Honley, Linthwaite, Southgate, Ainley Top, Crossland Moor, Marsh, South Crosland, Newsome, Farnley Tyas, Birkby, Golcar, Barkisland, Brighouse.

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